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24th Annual (2019) / Dates and Location for 2019
« Last post by M + M Jeep on July 28, 2018, 10:38:09 am »
Dates for the All Breeds Show are July 20 and 21st.

York Expo Center, 334 Carlisle Ave. York, PA, 17404
23rd Annual (2018) / 23rd Annual Winners List
« Last post by M + M Jeep on July 28, 2018, 10:32:47 am »
Winners List
The 14 bolt is very robust. It boasts a 10.5" ring rear. Unfortunately the result is a housing that hangs very low. I elected to reduce the diameter of the ring gear and shave the bottom of the housing. I completely disassembled the rear and took the housing and ring gear to work.

I used a conventional lathe and carbide inserts to reduce the diameter of the ring gear from 10.5" to 10.0". I took my time and the result was awesome. There are those who say the gear is too hard to be cut with carbide but that's not true. I did need to sharpen the carbide frequently. The intermittent cut across the teeth does cause the carbide to chip once in a while.

I made a fixture to hold the housing on the bed mill. It supported the axle at the tubes so I could rotate the housing to the desired angle. I milled 1.5 inches off the bottom of the housing. I chose to mill parallel to the ground (I already knew my pinion angle). Others chose to mill parallel to the pinion but this results in more housing material removed without any increased ground clearance IMO.

After I shaved the housing, I machined a pocket into the base to receive a 1/2" thick flat steel plate. I then machined the plate to fit the pocket added a groove in the center to clear the gear. There's about 0.125" clearance between the plate and the gear.

I took everything home and welded the plate. Prior to welding I used a grinder and added a healthy bevel to the weld joint. There's a lot of differing opinions on how to weld the plate. I chose to preheat the housing and use nickel rod in my stick welder. I used a Mr. Heater on a 20# tank and some aluminum foil to heat the housing. It worked really well (and fast) and I was able to hold the housing at 400F with good consistency.  I made multiple passes on the outside as well as the inside. It welded like butter. I recommend the nickel rods. They're expensive but it made the job seem easy.

After the plate was welded I allowed the housing to cool very slowly. I turned the heater down over the course of a couple hours and eventually turned it off. I ground the weld flat and took the housing back to the machine shop to face off the plate flush with the differential cover mounting surface.

So after wheeling my rig quite a bit I decided it was time for an axle upgrade. Early on I had decided not to mess with the axles right away due to the time and cost. I feel like I did pretty well with the Dana 30 and 35 since I only broke 2 front U-joints over the past ~1.5 years with 36" swampers.

My goal in the swap was to be able to jump to 38" swampers, keep 4.56 gear ratio, maintain my existing ground clearance & track width, and minimize cost.

Thankfully there's a bounty of info on the web for 1 ton axle swaps.

For my swap, I chose an '88 Ford F350 front axle and a mid-80's cab and chassis 14 bolt.

The 14 bolt comes in 2 widths: 63" and 67". I found a 63" rear with 4:56 gears on CL for around $100. It had huge drum brakes and was an oily rusty mess.

The Dana 60 is much wider at 69.25". The 85-91.5 axle uses kingpins (desirable) and the spring pads are located 3.5" offset compared to the sought after 78-79 version. In a strange coincidence, the location of the driver's side spring perch on the '88 Dana 60 was an exact match to enable a ~63" track width on a YJ! This means that I would only need to shorten the passenger side.

I found a Dana 60 on CL with 4:56 gears for under $1000.
General Discussion / Photobucket changing your plan
« Last post by HANGMAN on July 01, 2017, 11:14:44 pm »
Anybody having trouble with your Photo bucket account as in a costly charge now?
22nd Annual (2017) / Re: Registration is open
« Last post by Jeepnharleymomma on June 12, 2017, 08:37:14 am »
Hello Bob

You can print it out and mail it. Or bring day of.   file:///C:/Users/Jeepn/Documents/Full%20Registration%20Packet%20-%202017.pdf

Sorry you will have to cut and paste the link button doesn't work for some reason...
22nd Annual (2017) / Re: Registration is open
« Last post by HANGMAN on June 11, 2017, 09:45:43 pm »
Hello, to anybody out there? Is there an online" show form" to print out and send in for registration for the 2017 show? Or is it just "online registration" only? Except for "day of the show" registration which I'd assume is on paper. Thank you for your response.
Technical Advice and Questions / AX15 External to Internal
« Last post by markmg434 on June 08, 2017, 09:55:01 am »
Everyone is asking what needs to be changed swapping Internal to External slave on their AX15. What about going from External to Internal? My son has a YJ that we put a motor in a few months ago and with it a new clutch, internal slave & pressure plate. The trans lost 2nd and 5th so we picked up an external slave trans. With the new parts we put in a few months ago (clutch, internal slave) we do not want to reinvent the wheel, so we want to keep it internal slave.
What all do we need to take off the internal trans and put on the external to make it work?
Technical Advice and Questions / central display and interior lights
« Last post by SteveTheFolkie on June 03, 2017, 07:09:52 pm »
Recently removed my central display (irritating thing in the lower central part of the dash/console on my 97 ZJ) - noticed the other night that my interior lights don't work and my CEL is on constantly - could there be a connection?


General Discussion / Least we Forget ...
« Last post by (Tattoo) Jack on May 29, 2017, 03:29:44 pm »

What this day is Really about!

[/For some of us, it's NOT an annual remembrance, it's almost Daily ... center]

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