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NON PA Jeeps Events / New Hampshire wheeling.
« on: July 22, 2016, 10:52:02 pm »
Hey all I haven't posted in a while. I've been busy with my relocation to NH.  Anyways, I've been  wheeling locally at a location known as Little Monadnock Family Trails.  There's 86 miles of LEGAL trails that run through Richmond, Troy, Fitzwilliam, and Swanzey NH (a big reason I moved up here).  The terrain varies from Forester-Buggy.  Well worth a weekend trip.  If anybody's ever up my way and wants to wheel sent me a message!!  As you'll see the terrain varies immensely. LMFTNH.COM is their website, membership is NOT a requirement, but a recommendation. Here's a couple teaser pics.

Introductions / Taking a minute to introduce myself.
« on: March 17, 2014, 09:48:58 pm »
Hello all. I hail to you today from your neighbor to the East, CT.  My Wife, myself, and our kids are looking at seasonal campsites within 2-3 hours of Hartford Ct for the upcoming season.  A little about me...I have been a member of the offroad community for over 20 years.  My hobby started as dirt bikes, and atv's but has evolved into Jeeps.  I have owner 7 xj's, 2 zj's and an MJ.  Currently I roll around in a 99 WJ with a 2" bb and 245/75r16 Muds, (I kind of got stuck with it after rolling my last XJ in September, and my wife took the insurance money and bought herself a mini van.  So I got stuck with her Jeep.)  I am a professional auto tech by day, and a father and hobbyist welder by night.  Our search for campsites also gives me a base of operations for some weekend exploring above and beyond my local trail systems.  I have been attached to NeJeep for the last 10 years, and haven't been through PA wheeling since the closure of Paragon (I miss that place).  Hopefully I can get to know some of you over the forum and take up some weekend trips.  We are also looking into VT, and NH.  IF there's anything else I can think of, I'll add it to the post later.  Here's some pics.

Here's the one I rolled..

When we got the wifes Jeep last July..

I have done a little work to it since, 2" lift going in...

Bad cell night shot...

Adding the winch...

Trying out the winch..

I do have a little redneck in me.  My riding mower has 3" dual exhaust (It's a video.  Click it and turn up the speakers.  Kind of harleyesq)...

And my favorite, The Grimm Jeeper Tatoo...

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