Author Topic: Raush Creek RCrocs Series (Event #1)  (Read 5897 times)


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Raush Creek RCrocs Series (Event #1)
« on: April 29, 2013, 06:38:10 pm »
I volunteered my time again for this event as a course Judge and it was a wild day for the competitors. I was judging course A3 - Class #1

Our two drivers Lori & Ron Lind were in attendance and excited to start another year.

Lori Lind finished the day in 1st Place - Class #1
Ron Lind finished the day in 7th Place - Class #4

Lori did superb on the first two courses and had a tremendous lead ahead of her three other competitors but struggled a bit on her last course and the shoot-out round. Now, being that two of her competitors broke down and withdrew for the day after two course may explain Lori's two high scores on her last two courses. They probably felt, why break something when there is no need to.

Ron had a struggling day to say the least. I did see him on his first course while judging mine and saw him roll twice. They got it back on it's tires before time ran out but shortly rolled a second time. I didn't get the opportunity to see him on any of his two other course but I was present for his walk through of the shoot-out course. It was "insane" and Ron decided to "bail" that course since he struggled all day. I think he felt there were too many places for him to roll yet again and he had enough of that for the day.

Our Club decals were placed on Ron's rig and look really good. They were going to place Lori's on after the competition at camp.

The next date for the series at Rausch Creek is Saturday July 13th. If you can, come on out and support Lori & Ron. You'll be in the midst of 9-12 couses running simultaniously filled with action.
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Re: Raush Creek RCrocs Series (Event #1)
« Reply #1 on: April 30, 2013, 08:22:47 pm »
see  I told you we should have put the logo on the skidplate.     sounds like a lot of coverage with both vehicles doing well.
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