Author Topic: July 2020 Newsletter Jeep of the Month  (Read 5855 times)

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July 2020 Newsletter Jeep of the Month
« on: June 08, 2020, 11:50:17 am »
Hello PA Jeeps, Inc. Members - For the July Newsletter Jeep of the Month, we would like to do something different. To celebrate our Nation's Independence Day, we would like members to send us, via email ( a photo you may have of your Jeep with Our Nation's Flag or Red, White and Blue on your Jeep. Flags can be on your Jeep, by your Jeep, flying on a pole in the background; even held by you or someone in your jeep. Help us celebrate Independence Day! Be sure to give us names (you, others in the picture and/or your Jeep's name) if you would like them included with the newsletter article. We look forward to including your Jeep with this special July edition of Tread Lines. Please submit your pictures no later than June 27th. Thank you - Theresa - Newsletter Editor
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