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Veterans Day ...


(Tattoo) Jack:

    HAPPY VETERANS DAY to all my Brothers AND Sisters!!!

   Warmest Regards, Tattoo   8)

(Tattoo) Jack:

   Hey there fellow Vets, post a picture of ur self here. Show these civilians what REAL Warriors look like.

     Unfortunately the one I posted below is the only one I have (I had some awesome pictures of LZ's, Jungles and high altitude shots of Mountains and such). Between all the TIMES I've moved, and being homeless twice,  this only survived because it was sent home to my Mom while I was still in Country.

    Check out the head, or lack of, on this "Kid". LOL   That was one of our Ships. You can see some of the Nose Art on the battery compartment cover. We were the Robin Hoods (Slicks) and the Gun Ships were the Cross Bows. 173rd Assault Helicopter Company.

M + M Jeep:

Thank You and Thanks for sharing.


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