Author Topic: FS: Jeep CJ5 Project V6 1971 - $3500  (Read 2755 times)


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FS: Jeep CJ5 Project V6 1971 - $3500
« on: March 21, 2016, 10:58:45 pm »
Posted for my brother Steve:

CJ5 project jeep looking for good home
Was a completely running jeep but I pulled it apart to repair the cracks in the body and make a better family roll cage. I did a bunch of body work replaced 70% of the body with 1/4" (rocker panels), 3/16" ( rear corners), 1/8" (rear floor, rear fenders) and made the new roll cage.
 I have since developed new priorities and do not want o make the time to finish.

 Some details:
 - 225 V6 motor 35,000 mile on rebuild - with throttle body injection
 - sm420 4 speed transmission with advanced adapter to Dana 18 transfer case
 - narrow Dana 44 front end with Detroit locker, 4:56 gears, and disc brakes
 - offset rear 44 with, Detroit locker, warn full float kit, disc brake, and lockout hubs
 - power steering
 - family style roll cage
 - 4 point harnesses
 - Hydraulic clutch
 - 10.5 X 33 BFG all terrains on steel rims - 90% tread
 - frame is partially boxed and in good shape
 - front winch
 - 2" lifted leaf springs
 - full soft top

 Currently the body is sitting on the frame with only two bolts holding it to the frame,
 The hood and fenders are removed the one fender is dented and has a crack in it the other fender and hood are in good shape.
 The dash is completely disassembled and will need to have the wiring harness reworked to be reassembled
 The body is mostly bare metal but still has some spots with previous paint and has Bondo as filler to smooth surfaces.

 To make it jeep road worthy:
 - few more body mounts need to welded on frame and body needs to be bolted on, I have all the bolts, mounting material, and large washer
 - rear fuel tank (with heavy skid plate) needs to be reinstalled, fuel lines need to be rerun, fuel pump needs to be remounted
 - needs exhaust I have a pair of rearward exit exhaust manifolds that were to go on
 - The pedals need to be re-hung (bolts holes are there), holes for the master cylinders (brakes and clutch) and hole for the steering shaft/column needs to be cut in the fire wall
 - Cable style fuel pedal needs to be reinstalled
 - need to cut holes in the body for the transfer case shifters
 - transmission shifter hole needs to be enlarged
 - Dash needs to be patched/replaced and all gauges need to be reinstalled including rewired -- all gauges worked before they were removed
 - The windshield assembly bolted on
 - seats and 4 point harness need to be mounted
 - roll cage needs to have sharp edges ground down and bolted in -- bolts to dash reinforced dash mounts
 - rear lights need to be mounted and wired - I have wrangler lights for it
 - I have a rear seat for it and a center console
 - soft top hardware needs be reinstalled
 - front bumper needs to be bolted back on

 Located in Lancaster, PA (just east of Lancaster city)

Also on CL -

- Dave
Dave DeChristopher
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