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Ok - potentially dumb question - I have a '97 ZJ - the shifter would indicate that it's a 242 tcase - I've never been able to have it 4WD all time - now a "technician" at sprawlmart made a mistake, thought the t-case shifter was the e-brake - since then the "part time" light has been illuminated on the message board above the console.
I assume that adjustment different for the 231 or 242 cases - from under the jeep what's the easiest way to figure out which t-case I have and what's the best way to make the adjustment?
It is NOT in 4WD - I drove it through some mud and gunned it - only the rears turned - then pulled the lever into 4WD H - fronts spun as well - then 4WD Lo - again - one front and 2 rears spun (it's got the factory LSD in the rear) - but I'd like to fix the indicator in case someone other than I needs to drive it.

Thanks in advance


There should be a label plate mounted on the rear of the transfercase. The type should be stamped on the plate.
Novak has some good info here:
Here's a pic of a 231J:

There is a bolt on the shift linkage that you can loosen and adjust. Access is from the bottom. Just follow the shift lever back. Watch their video to see what the linkage looks like:

Good luck.


Thanks for the info - I'll pop her onto the ramps tomorrow and take a peek.

All the best



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