Author Topic: 1997 ZJ 4.0 5spd conversion  (Read 3734 times)


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1997 ZJ 4.0 5spd conversion
« on: June 28, 2016, 09:58:13 pm »
Question - do any of you have experience replacing an automatic trans with a 5 speed?  I drive my '97 ZJ about 190 miles a day commuting (yes, that's right, 190 miles a day at 18.3mpg) - given the roads I'm on I'd prefer a manual trans (most of the vehicles I've owned were manuals) - other than the obvious (flywheel, bell housing, clutch assembly and the transmission itself), given how "computer bound" these vehicles are is it even possible (without resorting to a mallory dual point ignition and a holley 2bbl carb), thereby ridding the vehicle of all computer dependence)?
I suppose that re-gearing would be in order as well, as I'd lose the multiplying effect of the torque converter .... as full  disclosure it's sitting on a 2" lift with 31's - not dedicated to the idea (been considering a diesel swap with a manual as well) - but just pondering the probability - as this isn't going to be as cut and dried as plugging a 454 into a '67 impala ...