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The Great Pa Jeeps show verses Chryslers at Carlisle


Well it has happen, two great shows 50 miles apart falling on the same weekend.
The Chryslers at Carlisle Show (July 15-17, 2016) for the last three years at least, fell on the second weekend of July, includes Jeeps and a very small Obstacle course.
The Pa Jeeps Show (July 16-17, 2016) for as long as I can remember fell on the third weekend of July at York Expo Center and is exclusive Jeep.   

this could be a problem.....

M + M Jeep:

It's not the first time it's happened.  Besides, Chrysler has nothing to do with Jeeps... No Wait ....Maybe they do....

When the 1st of the month falls so late in the week, all the schedules for these shows get screwed up.  It will be fine.


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