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New shocks and a boost for the ZJ!


Will post pictures tomorrow (when it's back together!) - new shocks and a 2" budget boost (spacers) for the ZJ - not "radical" but hey - we're only in the 2nd year of our relationship!  Vacillating between 30/9/5 and 31/10.5's on stock wheels - leaning towards the 31's sometime after the holidays (come on Santa!!!!).

(Tattoo) Jack:

   Steve, I run 30's on a stock XJ, 31's will be good. IMHO

    Have a great Xmas   8)



Thanks for the info - the old shocks were the original (200K on 'em) - offered no resistance after I took 'em off - handling difference is amazing - did not use the skyjacker bump stops (why would I want to decrease articulation??) - if anyone in the club wants/needs them they can let me know - no cost - otherwise they'll occupy space on a shelf in the garage (along with a lot of other "stuff") - sometime in Jan or Feb I'll replace the tires - planning on 31's - will take/post some pics tomorrow -




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