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WTB: 26 Spline 1310 CV yoke for a Dana 20 / Dana 300


I need a 26 Spline 1310 CV yoke for a Dana 20 / Dana 300.

I'm putting a CV rear driveshaft in the CJ7. Found a Bronco CV driveshaft that fits perfectly. Came with a 10 spline yoke for the Tcase. Turns out my Dana 20 has the 26 spline output shafts. The 10 spline yokes are more common for older rigs.

Just wondering if anyone has one laying around. Might have been on the front of a Quadratrac or D20 in a FSJ or CJ7. There may be other applications out there.

- Dave

If you're putting it on the rear, the yoke from a 231 will work.  May have some clearance issues on the front.

Found one on the front of Mike's YJ. But looks like it came from a Dana 20 anyway.

- Dave


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