Author Topic: The count on the Obstacle Course  (Read 3456 times)


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The count on the Obstacle Course
« on: July 29, 2015, 01:07:56 am »
A little news on the Obstacle Course from this years 20th. show. Saturday seemed like a stroll in the woods, had a little rain in the morning for set up, just enough to settle the dust.
The jeeps navigated the course with ease, the dirt and rocks were kind of dry, traction was good.
232 vehicles crossed the log bridge on Saturday, with the spotters doing a very good job, and the drivers watching there spotter, what more could you ask for?  What, you say "More rain Saturday night for a sloppy Sunday."
Well you got it, a hard rain on Saturday night turned a dry course in to a slippery, muddy, sticky, mess, funny how the same mixture can be slippery and sticky at the same time. Come Sunday morning with 6" of water in the Bowl and other sloppy messes around the Course, the wheels started to transfer mud to the rocks and the course was changed up a little. Sunday brought 288 vehicles up and over the hill. Parts started to fail, mounting bolts for steering boxes, drive shafts and mufflers, even a photo album fell out of a jeep, some vehicles needed helped off the rocks. Oh and a new edition I liked very much on the course was the almost full time narrative play by play what was happening, please Sir, come back next year. Thanks to the Green Shirt O. Course Crew for great assistance in navigating the vehicles thought the Course. 
PS, I hope the powers to be, let the O. Course crew add water to the bowl next year. It wasn't that much of a muddy mess if any being carried off the Course.
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