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The Pa Jeeps Billboard

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--- Quote from: Jeepnharleymomma on June 29, 2015, 11:33:15 pm ---Thanks Bob! I don't go that way so don't see it. Does it have any other configurations because we picked more than one....

--- End quote ---
First time I saw it was Sunday, 6-28-15 around 5:00pm. only one image for 8 seconds then other persons advertisement's, then the same image as before. Watched it for around 10 minutes.
And as I posted here earlier it was not being shown at 6:45pm. Monday, 6-29-15.
I'll have to look Tuesday at what it shows.   

OK, this is what we have, not just one, but three Billboards advertising our show. Each one is on for 8 seconds at a time and one of the three views pop up every 40 seconds. Maybe I should be clearer, one Billboard with three different Advertisements. .

Way to go crew.


awesome billboards!

Now as I drive East on Route 30 heading towards Roosevelt Ave. and round that slight right hand curve, at 40 MPH, the speed limit, if I have not noticed our Advertisement or just missed the cycle for the Jeep Show Add. at that time, by the time it comes around again, if I do not catch the Red Light I will not see our Advertisement.
I think I catch 5 other Advertisements other then ours at this time.   


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