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7 Seater, Rock Crawler, Street Legal on a Budget?

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Mike DeChristopher:
I recently "finished" my second jeep build project and thought I would share some of the experience to drum up some forum activity, share lessons learned, and generally open myself up to rig building critism.

Starting platform:
1994 YJ, 4.0L, 5sp 166K, SOA with 2.5" BSD springs, shackle reversal, high steering kit, 4:56, Super 35 with a Detroit, trashed Dana 30 and ARB, 36 x 12.50 Swampers, on board air, optima, ragged soft top, bestop seats, no frame or body rust.

Seating for 7,
+100 crawl ratio
Skid plates on all sides
Flat belly
DVD player
Wife drivable

to be continued....

Cool can't wait to see some pics


--- Quote from: Jeepnharleymomma on June 25, 2015, 07:41:29 pm ---Cool can't wait to see some pics

--- End quote ---
I like pictures to.

Mike DeChristopher:
Step 1: How long do we need?
After some reading and measuring of seats we determined pretty quickly that a scrambler length is perfect. However we didn't think the scrambler was a good fit because the extra length is all reduced width (between the fenders). Also I was concerned about the rear overhang. We decided the better route was to cut a YJ just infront of the rear axle and add to create the scrambler length. The added length would be full width and you could pass between the seats to get to the third row. After reading the bestop manual for a scrambler top, we determined the magic number to be 23.25".

Mike DeChristopher:


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