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Just letting everyone know that we are doing a FREE, CLUB SPONSORED safety day at RAUSCH on Oct. 25 th. I highly encourage all the newer members to come out and participate . This will begin at 8:00 and we will be going over basic trail safety and winching operations. then we will take a lunch break, FREE from the club: Subs, chips and soda ; D then we will hit the trails to practice our new found skills :)  We as a club feel that this is a very important aspect to show that as" responsible off highway drivers" we can show a positive reflection of personal in the community. Please sign up as soon as you can so that we can coordinate everything.
                                                                             Thanks Everyone


Carol and I plan to be there.
Regards,  Peter

Might wnat to re-post this in the club events section?

This was talked about at the meeting, and Bob reached out to other clubs. I will be there but to guide for the womens ride. You will sign in and I will pay for everyone when I leave. I will also order lunch for you all.

Is this event is still going ahead on Saturday?


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