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Five months since last post...

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laoch: this forum.  I'm not sure if that means anything.

Down and dirty...I have owned and wheeled Jeeps for many years. I'm a fan of leaf springs and round headlights.  Does that make me old skool? The YJ is for my better half, she says it rides nicer.
I was a member of the club several years ago, actually went on a couple of trail rides.  I transitioned to 2 wheels for a while and now I feel the urge to get my Jeeps out of moth balls.

Hi there laoch, "old skool" not sure where your last post from five months ago went, but anyway glad to know some people still like leaf springs and a rough ride. :)
Good to see ya demoth balling your jeeps.

I was meaning that it has been five month since there was a new intro post :P

I recognize "Packmule" from the show every year. Right?

Ok now it's clear what you meant by five months, it does seem slow here lately, a lot of activity going on in peoples lives.
Makes one wonder how some people find the time to be on here.
I guess everybody's hanging out on bacefook opps I mean facebook.
Yep I'm the proud owner  :-\ of the Packmule.
It's so slow here that some times I wonder off to other places, hope others are not bored with this forum, I guess you only get out what you put in to it.
Need to charge it up with something.
We do have 527 members listed on this forum.
That's it for now.

Death Wobble:
I often see familiar people reading old threads.  I guess once you stay away for a while, it's hard to break the ice and start posting again?  Just say "Hi", someone will reply!


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