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13-July-2013 seven days and a wake up

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Can't believe the show is this close and not a lot of chatter on the forum yet  ???

we talk about it at the meetings all the time.  ;), lots of chatter, Ian Johnson will be back this year, new tshirt designs, new trophy designs, its not the TOYOTA arena anymore, Quadratec being bigger this year, JEEP underground will be back, musical entertainment. I painted the jeep, the boys is actually running and driving. and weve talked to just about every Jeep owner within shouting range about the show and a lot of people are syked(?) and ready to go. I think Bantam stole a lot of our excitement because its first, im sure after Bantam is over more people will be chattering. ???

all right Bantams over lets focus on our own show. painted the jeep just for the event and have atleast a dozen jeeps coming with us.

I am back from Bantam and Jeeped

I haven't been @ Bantam yet. I wanted to go this year but couldn't get off from work. I look @ it this way, @ least I got off for the jeep show. I cn't wait. I'm getting very excited !!


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