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I sent in my renewal on Jan 4th and as of today the check has not been cashed. Do you normally hold them this long? .....thanks

I'm not our treasurer but I'm sure he's not going to the bank daily...I wouldn't myself.
Be patient as your check and membership renewal is being processed.
We are "ALL" volunteers doing the best we can as we mesh it into our personal lives.


Sorry I have not cashed your check yet.  Rick is right, as I only receive a few renewals in the mail each week.  The trip to the bank is a forty mile round trip for me and the cost of diesel being what it is I limit the trips to once a month. Your renewal has been sent to Mike to be processed.   Your check will be cashed this weekend when I go to the monthly meeting on Sunday.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

Thanks guys, i just wanted to see if you got it


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