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[Mafwda_news] MD Trails meeting Feb 5th - we need you there!
« on: February 02, 2013, 09:13:03 pm »
Maryland has some cool places we used to wheel in with B4W: Green Ridge, Potomic, Savage River State Forests. It would be awesome to get some of those areas opened up again.

From Preston:

APB to all Southern MD Riders/OHV people!  I need your presence at this meeting!  Please give this maximum dissemination!
Mike Twigg - can you get the dealers to disseminate this too please?


Southern Marylanders Asked to Provide Recreation Information
by kking
Who: Open to the Public
What: Regional Stakeholder Outdoor Recreation Evaluation
When: Tuesday, February 5 from 6 to 8 p.m.
Where: Prince George’s County Dept. of Parks & Recreation (Parkside Headquarters) Auditorium
6600 Kenilworth Avenue, Riverdale 20737
Cost: Free
The Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is asking citizens ─ especially those in Anne Arundel, Calvert, Charles, Prince Georges and St. Mary’s counties ─ for their input on State outdoor recreation facilities and services in Southern Maryland.
This recreation evaluation is the first step in a comprehensive statewide effort to enhance existing recreation areas in Maryland, these include; State parks, forests, wildlife areas and trails.
DNR will ask participants to assess the extent to which outdoor recreation facilities, programs and services meet the needs of the community and identify future demand and need. This is the first of four regional stakeholder sessions DNR will hold across the State in February and March 2013.
The public input will help guide the update of the Maryland Land Preservation and Recreation Plan, which will serve as a roadmap for future State outdoor recreation facilities and services.
The Department has hired a nationally-known parks and recreation management consulting firm, GreenPlay, LLC, to oversee the Recreation Component of this planning process.


It looks like we are at a turning point. More to come.


From: "Ken Kyler" <>
To: "Bill Brennan" <>, "Bob Nickel" <>,, "Chris Borger" <>,, "Joe Warwick" <>, "Mike Twigg" <>, "Preston Stevens" <>, "Randy Beeman" <>,, "william menges" <>, "Wind O'Neal" <>
Sent: Friday, February 1, 2013 6:58:36 PM
Subject: DNR Trails Committee Back brief

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Below is the agenda of the meeting last night.  The agenda fell apart quickly so I'll cover the highlights.  I'll send the meeting minutes and other slides when published.
Absolutely the MOST important thing is the State DNR agrees that their 5-year plan needs to recognize the OHV community and the need for OHV trails.  This is a watershed moment IMHO.  The DNR itself stated that they almost lost all their RTP funds last year because they had not been spending any on OHV trails.  Further they stated that every group in the room benefits from RTP funds that are paid in part by us.

The State will be conducting a series of public forums and a State-wide Recreational Use and Needs Survey.  The survey will be done primarily online.  Our job is to mobilize any and all OHV users/riders/drivers or anyone who ever dreamed about OHVs and get them to participate in the public meets and respond to the surveys.  This is CRITICAL to establish the demand of OHV access and will be part of the 5-year plan.  If we fail here, we can kiss our sweet behinds goodbye.
A lot of time was spent having each member describe their particular user-group's needs.  There were 3 bicycle representatives, an equestrian rep, a member of the local Tribal community and several local government reps. 
When my turn came, I stress the needs of all OHV users - bikes, ATVs, UTVs, 4x4s, snow mobiles, etc.  I acceded that it was unreasonable for the State to share land currently encumbered by other user groups - mixing hikers and OHVs is not reasonable in current Maryland Parks and Forests.  The current Sustainable Forest Initiative effort is a hurdle to huge for us to overcome.  I pointed out that the 2009 plan was written entirely around classical users of State land (hikers, bikers, etc.) and appropriately categorized this use as "resource-based" recreation per the State plan.  I further pointed out that the 2009 plan has a section that is appropriate for us labeled "user-oriented" recreation and that section is woefully under-developed.  I offered that the best answer was for the State to examine other opportunities such as public/private partnerships with land owners similar to what Hatfield/McCoy does.  I was stunned when Ellen Moyer (former Mayor of Annapolis) agreed and said that this was something the State should strongly endorse.  She further added that she knew of State land normally deemed undesirable by "normal" users that may be ideal for us.  The rest of the committee was supportive or silent.
In other news, I will be meeting with a few Allegany County commissioners on Feb 8th to discuss using reclaimed coal mines for OHV trails.  Ray Tighe and a local land-owner will be going with me.  We are gaining traction within the community and the commissioners seem to be supportive.  More to come on that.

January 31, 2013 / DNR C-1 Conference Room
I.                   Introductions
II.                Maryland Land Preservation & Recreation Program (MLPRP) Overview
III.             DNR Land Trails Overview
IV.              Maryland Land Preservation & Recreation Program (MLPRP) Survey
A.     Mailings
B.     Telephone Surveys
C.     Regional Stakeholders Meetings
D.    DNR Trails Website
E.     Social Media
V.                 Discussion of Issues & Actions Related to the 5  Statewide Trail Goals
Goal 1 – Create a Statewide network of trails that provides non-motorized
links between DNR lands and the communities where people live, learn, work,
shop and play.
Goal 2 – Educate citizens about the trail network’s social, ecological,
economic, and wellness benefits.
Goal 3 – Build, maintain and renovate trails to create a sustainable system on
DNR land that provides a quality and diverse user experience and promotes
environmental stewardship.

Goal 4 – Map all DNR trails and make the data/information available in a user
friendly format.

Goal 5 – Address barriers to trail development, including funding and access,
through partnerships with other State agencies, local governments and trail
stakeholder groups.   

VI.              Other Related Plans

A.     State Bicycle Pedestrian Master Plan
B.     County Land Preservation & Recreational Plans
C.     County Bicycle Pedestrian Plans

VII.           Homework –  Public Outreach With Your Respective Groups To Get Them Involved and Provide Input Into The LPRP

VIII.        Adjourn
The next meeting is on March 28th, in the C-1 Conference Room @ DNR from 6-8 PM
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Re: [Mafwda_news] MD Trails meeting Feb 5th - we need you there!
« Reply #1 on: April 01, 2013, 04:17:42 pm »
 Regional Stakeholder Outdoor Recreation Meeting 19 June.

The central meeting that was cancelled due to bad weather has been
rescheduled for Wed June 19th from 6-8PM.  It will be held at the Howard
County Robinson Nature Center, 6692 Cedar Lane, Columbia, MD.

Get the word out!  This will be the last public meeting.  The online survey
will run a few more weeks.

Maryland online survey

Hi Folks,
This is an easy and outstanding opportunity for us to have a nice piece of the pie. There has never been a better opportunity. This is not a traditional situation.. We are not just talking about access on State Forests. We are talking on most any public owned land in Maryland.
Your opinion will absolutely count like it has never before. Please take advantage of this easy access. Speak your mind.
Key hints to make your opinion count.
1.) Of course, be polite.
2.) Stay on topic. Rambling on about what use to be will accomplish nothing.
3.) If you have any specifics, but all means use them.
4.) Only one select person should speak on behalf of your club. Everyone else is the "concerned citizen."
5.) Mentioning your family is good.
6.) Without dwelling on it, mentioning the economic benefits of recreational four wheel drive/OHV..
7.) If you like over trails uses, by all means, speak about that.
8.) We do not want to speak against any other trails users. That is not constructive.
9.) Encouraging the State to adopt Tread Lightly! guidelines is a plus.
Forward this to all of your friends that can help us. See the announcement below from the DNR.
These are exciting times for OHV use in Maryland. We need to keep up the momentum.
Thank You!
Preston Stevens, President
Middle Atlantic Four Wheel Drive Association                                                                                                                                                                 
The Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) encourages Marylanders to share their thoughts on State parks and lands through a quick and easy online survey.

The survey asks a variety of multiple choice and open ended questions that will help DNR determine which outdoor recreation facilities, programs and services do and do not meet the needs of the community. Areas include State parks, forests, wildlife areas and trails.

Public input will help guide the update of the Maryland Land Preservation and Recreation Plan , which will serve as a roadmap for future State outdoor recreation facilities and services.

The Department has hired a nationally-known parks and recreation management consulting firm, GreenPlay, LLC, to oversee the Recreation Component of this planning process.

To take the online survey, visit

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