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**Please Read** RCORP
« on: January 21, 2013, 01:50:18 pm »
This was posted on Rausch Creeks forum:

Guys and Gals please read (and forward)
Once again I am asking for help from our members and visitors of RCORP.  Over the past few months a few things have happened that need to be talked about.  I am going to be NON specific on some matters because I don’t want to call people out on a public forum.  These people have been talked to one on one (at least the ones we know of).

TRASH:  Does this really need to be said???  Lunch, broken parts, pieces of bumpers, etc…  Bring them back to the office and put them in the dumpster or take them home for your wall (bumpers that is not left over lunch).  Please don’t thing tossing something in the weeds is getting away with something. 

Bush Whacking:  Sometimes it is necessary because of a breakage or rollover possibility to knock some small trees over.  But to save 3 minutes of your time “dead pulling” a rig back to the office is not the right time to make a new trail in the weeds and brush.  When leaving the NE property PLEASE leave VIA the main roads not across the grass onto Molleystown rd.  This is not only dangerous but makes new tracks in the grass that others may follow.

Gates:  This one I am PISSED on.  Someone was too lazy or just a jerk and took a chain or strap on Saturday and pulled out the post to the gate on Trial D.  Not only does this allow people onto the property that shouldn’t be there but causes damage which now costs us money to fix. 

These are just three topics that are standing out.  Guys what does it take to understand PLEASE respect our off road park.  This is the start to our 10th year and I was hoping by now these posts I put up with stupid crap that people STILL pull would not be necessary but well here I am.
Please do me two favors.  Pass this message along to your clubs and message boards for your wheeling buddies who might not surf our sight often.  2nd favor is call or report things you know are NOT right when you see them.  Am I asking you to be a snitch?    YES!!  We are not talking about cheating on your chem test in 12th grade we are talking about a place where bringing your family and friends is “fun” thing to do.  2% hurt the other 98% so a phone call to the office will do wonders.

Thanks for the air time on these matters!!!
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