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Safety Class at rausch creek

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We are going to be holding a trail safety class on Sept 30 th at Rausch Creek. I would like to start the class on site at 9:00 and it would take approx 3 hours.Then afterwards we will be going out on the property to wheel and go over things that we talked about in class. The overall concept of this class is to give those individuals,both new and seasoned wheelers,a better understanding of getting through the day on the trails and doing it safely. Encourage everyone form the "bone stock" jeep to the rock crawlers to attend and share experiences and build new friendships withen our club This class will cover such topics as first aid,winching,trail driving skills and overall how to make wheeling a safe and FUN experience !!!!!! For those of you that are new to our club we meet at the restraunt on interstate 83 at the Strinestown exit for coffee/breakfast and we will be leaving there at 7:45 because it takes approx 1 hour to get to rausch. Please post up on here to give me a understanding of how many people will be attending,if you did sign up at the meeting i would still like you to reply on this post to let me know that you got this info . Thank you all in advance and please feel free to ask any ?????? or concerns

Ron Allen:
Barring any foul weather I will be there.

I'll be there along with two others

We will be there, and hope to make breakfast if I can get up early enough.

Well I signed up at the meeting and had every intention of going, but my broken axle shaft says different. Unless the axle shaft ferry visits me this week and fixes my Jeep... I won't be able to make it.  :'(


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