Author Topic: Maryland Stake Holders Meeting to take place at Rocky Gap in September  (Read 4210 times)


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 ;D The Maryland DNR developed a group of Off Highway users, Four Wheel Drive, ATV, Dirt Bikes, Snowmobile, etc. Since the closure of 3 major and popular trail systems, the DNR offered this group to try to establish new areas to ride or wheel and solutions that may offer other opertunities. At this next meeting, Kyle from Rausch Creek has agreed to do a talk there. Rausch Creek does it better than any other place, period. The manager of the Maryland RTP will be there too. There are a number of sites under consideration. Each with it's own unique challenges to over come before becoming reality. But, one place is already underway. Unfortunately, there is really nothing there for us, yet. This has the potential to offer up some nice new places to wheel and even camp. Needless to say, I am cautiously optimistic.  We shall see!
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