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Mopar Underground is bringing Jeeps to the Show!

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Mopar Underground is bringing Jeeps to the Show!

I was on the phone with the caretaker of the Mopar Underground vehicles and confirmed we are getting 2-3 semi loads of Jeeps.
His words were, "you bet we are coming! The Jeep brand is making it big, too ."

I don't have a contact with the Jeep Brand yet to know what they have in mind, but we are definitly getting Mopar Underground's Special vehicles.

I'll keep you posted as I know more.

- Dave

Rusty XJ:
I'd imagine atleast two of them will be the Mighty FC and the J12 concepts that have been in ALL 5 magazines I subscribe to. I'd like to the see the FC up close though. Looks like a pretty interesting vehicle.

You will need to attend the show to see what the Jeep crew has brought to the show. Having watched the vehicles being unloaded today all I can say is that they look even better than on the web or in magazines - attend the PA Jeeps show this weekend to see for yourself.

 i seen pork chop. and the gladiator remake. and a couple of brute's.

Rusty XJ:
Yea what they brought was cool. Woulda liked to see the FC though


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