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lol there was two days of debates up in the woods by the campfire about this jeep..........a bunch of us were gonna fight to see who got it first if she didnt

Loaded it on the trailer and dropped it off at my buddy's house to start working on it. Unfortunately I have to go out of town for a couple weeks so he is going to start taking things apart while I am gone. The plan is to take everything apart. I'll report on the progress when I get back.

PS - I got to drive it... even if just on and off the trailer and in and out of garages... it was cool!!!!   ;D

Okay - disassembly is just about done. Just need to take off the bumpers, fenders, and tub. The floor was a little rougher than I thought. In fact, the guy had welded an old Coca Cola sign over the driver's side floor pan to keep it together. Nice. Here's what it looks like now:

The good news is I found a guy real close by that has 3 different parts Commandos. He even has a tub that has complete usable floors. So between these two tubs, and all the other parts this guy has, I should have everything I need:

Boy this brings back memories of my restoration job.  You are moving right along with it . . . And I'm with Jen, I was in line to snatch it up if you didn't (I'm sure there was quite a few of us).  Keep those pictures coming Colli!

looks good, some day well have to put the boys resto pics up, so did you keep the coca cola sign for memorabilia. ;D


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