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As I posted in the General Discussion section, I just bought a 1967 Jeepster Commando Pickup that I found at a farm near my house. It only has 14,848 miles on it and it runs and drives. It's pretty complete but it needs some TLC. Here are some pictures from the day I brought it home:

As it sat on the farm:

Loaded on the trailer to come home:

At home in my driveway:

Tucked into the garage:

This will be a slow work in progress and I'm not 100% sure yet how far I am going to go with restoration, but I definitely want to bring it back to life and get it back on the road. I'll post updates as progress is made.

There hasn't really been much progress, but this was kind of exciting for me.... I got the official title in the mail yesterday!!  ;D Now I really feel like she's mine!

I went ahead and copied the stuff from my post in the General Discussion section on what I have done since I picked it up last weekend:

I started it up in the garage and listened to it purr. Click on the image below to listen for yourself:

I sat in it for a while and looked at it a lot.
I looked up the paint code.
I looked up where to buy parts online.
I made a list of stuff I want to buy.
I ordered a service manual.

Oh, and I made arrangements to have a guy I know (nobody you know) work on the mechanical stuff. I don't have the knowledge or tools to do anything myself so I hired a trusted friend and I'm going to take it to his garage so he can work on it over the winter. I am planning on going over when I can to help so I can be involved in the process and hopefully get my hands dirty and learn some stuff!

I like it Coli...You'll need to contact Zach Heisey (Z&M Jeeps) when your needing any parts.
He's the Full Size, Kaiser Jeep parts man.
I'd provide his number but I lost my phone out in the snow somewhere.
Just "google" Z&M Jeeps

Congrats and Good Luck

Thanks Rick. Yep, I know Zach and I already have his website bookmarked for future purchases.

Here's another sound byte of the engine running: (click on the image)

Restore that Jeep and NEVER take it on a trail ride. You have a GEM.


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