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Behind the scene's work...
« on: August 03, 2011, 03:35:36 pm »
  It's always good having people around who have a Medical Background.  Here Colleen is "patching up" Doug (Extreme Axles Sales) after he cut his foot pretty good. The bandaging went really well, of course Colleen works for a Podiatrists (and has over 25 years in more then one medical field) so caring for open wounds and injuries is nothing new.
    Doug was handling his injury like a Champ till Colleen mentioned something about needing a Scalpel, Sutures and maybe a Stretcher, then his facial color lightened up a touch...  :D  JK

   You can see Bruce [Shallis], in the back ground, video taping this as he's giving his friend a Rash Of __ ... well, you know the type of "Rash" Doug was getting.


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