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1947 Bantam T3-C Trailer Project

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I was posting some of my Bantam project photos in the "What did you do to your Jeep today" section. Had a lot of comments, questions, and compliments at the PA Jeeps Show, so I am doing a full thread in this section for reference. Shoot me a PM or post here if you have any questions!

It's great to see a number of folks restoring the old military and civilian Jeep trailers!  ;D

Here's a shot of the Bantam T3-C when it first came into the shop to get blasted primed and painted. There were a number of coats of paint, including OD Camo. The original color underneath was a dark green. Bantams for the civilian market were sold in red and green in 1946 & 47.

Primer time after blasting:

All of the little parts getting done:

After WW2, the lunette and pintle hitch set-up were removed for civilian production and replaced with a Fulton Hitch pictured below. It was designed for a 1 7/8" ball.

The brakes and shock absorbers were also removed after WW2 and a tailgate was cut into the original amphibious military design.

16" CJ2A style rims were used on the Bantam trailers along with 6.00x16 tires. I upsized to 7.00x16's so that I would be able to use the spare on my CJ3A for the Bantam trailer. The passenger side lug nuts are left handed thread, just like the military flatties and CJ2A and CJ3A's.

Finishing up the paint job. The frame and underside were painted in heavy black frame paint and the tub was painted in "Dodge Viper Yellow," just like the CJ3A.  ;D

Here's a shot after we pulled her out of the shop with a fresh paint job!

It bounced around quite a bit behind the F-150, but made it home in one piece! The Bantam's safety chains were so short, I had to add extensions to make it legal.

After disconnecting from the tow rig, I had to immediately hook up to the CJ3A and see how she pulled. Well, it pulls like it was made for a Jeep! (duh!) Seriously, It rides very smooth and doesn't bounce or sway. Additionally, the original safety chains drop neatly into the original CJ3A draw bar.


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