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Powerbuilt All-In-One Truck Lift Jack


Just purchased this combined 3-ton axle stand and bottle jack. I first saw this in Motor Trend magazine and then did some seaching on the Internet - Amazon had them for ~$50, Tractor Supply Co had the same item for $30. Needless to say I visited a Tractor Supply Co store to get mine!

What I like about this tool is that the axle stand and jack are combined which is great jacking up the driver side front axle where there is little space between the diff and the end of the axle. The other nice feature is the axle stand has a safety latch so you jack the vehicle up, engage the safety latch, and do not have to rely upon the bottle jack for support.

For more details see the manufacturer's details;

Wow, that's really neat.  I'm going to have to pick up a few of them.  Thanks for the info.

yep just bought one yesterday, they are in the new flier. little harder to get under the xj but work great on the boys cj.


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