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Most early civilian jeeps developed from military models that were "demilitarized" to become civilian models, however, sometimes this went the other way.  Name four quarter tons that were developed first as civilian models before being drafted into the military.

I think I'll ad just one here and see how many others chime in...

Hmmm...Let's see...

M-715 from the Jeep Gladiator dropped later for the (Dodge) M-880

MB developed into the Cj2 and later the CJ2a

the M38 developed into the CJ3a

The M38A1 developed into the CJ5

The M170 developed into the CJ6

The J8 is a military development of the JK truck that may be released soon.

The M676-667-668-669 are military FC-150 and 170s


You're answering backwards....Soylent wants civilian models that were later developed into military models.

I think the M170/M171 developed out of the CJ-6.
There is a military version of the Commando (comes to the show) that was probably a derivative of the civilian.
The 3 cyl diesel FC 4 door van would have been a derivative of the civilian FC's.
There is also the ambulance version of the M715.

- Dave


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