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Frequently Asked Questions
« on: March 29, 2011, 01:40:41 am »
Questions & Answers
We encourage you to open our eight page registration/information packet located on the home page.
Most of your questions will be answered. Please take time to read it over.

Q - Do I have to register my Jeep in order to attend?
A - No, you can enter as a spectator but you will miss out on some perks of bringing your Jeep inside the event.
a)   Goodie Bag
b)   Commemorative Dash Plaque
c)   FREE Winch Raffle Ticket and Chairman’s Choice Prize Ticket. (Only registered Jeep owners receive these)
d)   The camaraderie that comes with having your Jeep parked within 500 other Jeep owners…Friendships built.

Q – What is the spectator admission fee?
A - $5 per day…children 12 and under FREE

Q – Must I register for both days of the event?
A – NO, you can register Saturday only or arrive Sunday and register.

Q – Can I save by Pre-Registering my Jeep for the event?
A – Yes, if you pre-register your Jeep you will save $10 to spend later. You will also save $3 on each Event Shirt you pre-order. At the same time, you provide us with a better number of Jeeps per classification so we can prepare ample parking for everyone.

Q – Where can I get a registration form?
A – Well, since you are in the forum just click on the “PA Jeeps Home Page” link in the upper right corner of this page.      You’ll see the “Registration-Information” link where you’ll open our eight page packet detailing the event. You only need to print out the Jeep Registration Page and the Waiver Form. We prefer you print a two-sided single page and mail it to the address listed on the registration form.

Q- Is there anything for my children to do?
A – Yes, for those with smaller children we do have an activities tent set up with coloring & crafts so the parents can relax as well. This area is stationed adjacent to the food court so all can grab a bite to eat and relax before returning to the activities.

Q – Can I register my Jeep and bring my used parts along to sell?
A – ONLY if you also purchase a “Swap/Meet” space. (Violation will cause ejection without refund)

Q – Do I have to participate on the obstacle course?
A – No, this is a “Show-N-Shine” event with built-in attractions for those wanting to participate. The obstacle course is built with the “stock” Jeep in mind. Every obstacle can be maneuvered with a “stock” Jeep with the exception of the “BIG ROCK” section. Those built for driving BIG rocks love it, spectators love it, and those Jeep owners meeting the requirements will enjoy it as well.

Q – If I register my Jeep for the event must I pay extra to drive the obstacle course, RTI Ramp, or get into the Slow Crawl Competition?
A – NO, your registration fee allows you access to all the activities involved. You may even win a trophy.

Q – If I enter as a spectator can I exit/return with my Jeep to be a part of the event?
A – Yes, but you must first get your hand stamped at the “Spectator Gate” in order to save the $5 per person you already paid upon entry as a spectator. No hand-stamp…You pay the full price. NO EXCEPTIONS CAN BE MADE.

Q – Are pets allowed?
A – NO, the only pets allowed within the fenced area of the event are “Seeing Eye Dogs”. Outside in the campsite area they are permitted but we ask that you have them restrained and provided plenty of water.

Q – What about adult beverages?
A – Anyone suspected of/or being under the influence of alcohol or drugs within the event area shall be escorted out without refund. This is a family event and we ask that you refrain from doing so. Adult beverages are permitted after hours within the camping area.

Q – Can I show off the horsepower of my Jeep anywhere at this event?
A – We highly suggest you don’t. This is a family oriented event with thousands of people and children walking around. Our speed limit within the fenced event area as well as the surrounding camping area is (5 MPH) and violators will be ejected without refund and possibly prosecuted to the extent of the law. This IS NOT the place for speed. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Q – Can I reserve a camping site?
A – NO, all camping sites are on a First-Come-First-Served basis and are facilitated by the Fairgrounds Staff.

Q – How do I pay for my camping site once I arrive?
A – Upon arrival simply locate a camp site. Refer to the map within the Registration/Information Packet. You can stop by the Event Security Staff Site and ask if not sure. Get your space needed. If you arrive during business hours you must go the Administration Office. There may be evening staff arranged if you arrive after hours, but NOT guaranteed so you will need to get there the next morning.

Q – What hotels are within the area?
A – Go to and click on the accommodations link. There are more than enough hotels, motels, and bed & breakfast facilities within 2-5 miles of the event.

Q – Can I leave my Jeep within the event after hours?
A – Yes, the facility is fenced, locked, and patrolled very regularly after hours. Anyone caught inside the fenced area after hours by security WILL be considered a trespasser subject to the full extent of the law. Unfortunate things can happen in the dark. We do not play games here folks. Providing an entertaining and secure Jeep weekend is our #1 priority for each Jeep owner, spectator, and most importantly our 80+ business owners. WE PROVIDE, SERVE, AND PROTECT THE EVENT AND ALL THAT PARTICIPATE!

Q – I’m a business owner and want to participate…What do I need to do?
A – Our Registration/Information packet located on our Clubs website home page has the form. However, we suggest you contact our Jeep Show Chairman prior to submitting the form for availability of space. You can contact him through email or phone:
Jeep Show Chairman: Rick A. Bear
Phone: (717)309-0513

Anyone else with questions may also feel free to contact him.
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