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Rugged Ridge Evap can skid plate JK


Just finished installing this skid. Nice powder coat, very easy install. 3 bolts removed, 5 bolts and 2 allens installed and thats it. Everything worked great. The only concern I have is the rear bolt connection the allens are only about 3/4 of an inch. Seems a bit weak for the purpose of holding up to a 4500 lb object colliding with a boulder. But I guess time will tell.

It wont let me upload any pics but let me know if you want any

Death Wobble:
Most of us have accounts...they're free and easy to link to if you want to share photos.

Understand they are called "skid" plates for a reason. They provide a surface for the vehicle to "skid" over the obstacle without hanging up on what is above them.
Don't worry, it will hold up.


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