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I'm passing this information here...

Hi Everyone,

 First I want to personally thank each and every one of you for your continued support of the Northumberland County OHV Park Project. The name will be changing in the future to reflect our Anthracite Coal mining history and heritage. So if you have any idea's for our new name, please submit them to us. 
  We have all been very busy working on making this project become a reality. Pat and Kathy from the Planning Dept have gone above and beyond their required positions to see this recreational area be funded and built in lower Northumberland County. John, Steve, and Bob from the engineering and design firm, are just totally amazing. I don't have to tell or describe to them what is needed or what we want . They look at this unique piece of property as a diamond in the rough and they can see a world class facility in the making. 
  We have some new and exciting additions that may be added to the park project. All I can say right now is "Stay Tuned In" . Here is where I'm going to ask for your help again. The 2nd Public meeting is scheduled for :

                        TUESDAY OCT. 19, 2010 at the SHAMOKIN AREA HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM AT 6:30pm[/b]

 Be there ! We are going to need you! There is some vocal local resistance to this project. They have circulated a local petition againt this project. I personally know it has over 500 names on it ( probably a lot more by meeting time). Also a local environmental group has gotten involved and they are hugging the trees and telling everyone how we will "destroy" the land. They are also going out of their way to tell everyone how disrespectful we all are. You all made a strong statement with your showing the first meeting, we need to do it again, only bigger. Bring a couple of friends or club members along this time.
 For those of you that will be coming from a good distance away. Let us know for sure that you are coming so we are expecting you. I will arrange for you to meet the "right" people so you can directly tell them your opinion and idea's.
 Wear you club shirts and jackets as a sign of your support !!!
 Thanks again, and I look forward to seeing all of you.   

Mike D:
I will be going and Rick I hope you can make it this time, really need your politician attribute  ;)


Well, after two consecutive 65+ hr. work weeks (paid bi-weekly) and 12 more hrs. this Sunday I'm not having success getting this day off to attend.
I refuse to give up and continue to state my case for needing an "earned" vacation day to attend.

YES, I am attending along with Wayne, Clair, Grant, and hopfully Jeremy.
It's going to be a long night I assure them. WE have a lot to say as well as the others attending.


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