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Just wanted to put in writing my thanks to all who helped me over the weekend with the installation of a Zone Offroad Products 4" lift kit on my (previously) stock TJ.

Thanks to; Charlie, Rick and Dave for offering me the opportunity, to Jack for the loan of some air tools, to Dave and Dave for wrenching and words of wisdom, to Norm for the photos, to Collie and Jenn for the Band Aids and water and to the many other members who stopped by and offered me words of encouragement.

I truely believe that this installation shows the strength of this club and it's members. First, that Zone Offroad Products had the faith and confidence in the PA Jeeps club to accomplish this project, and second that the membership were all behind me urging me on. Thank you.

glad to see it went to someone deserving, and youve earned your way into the club of real jeepers, any one can buy a built jeep but to do it yourself is a whole new level. didnt get to see the finished product but im sure its awesome.

(Tattoo) Jack:

   Yeah, Congratulations and Welcome to the world of Busted Knuckles and BIG smiles...  ;D

In case anybody missed it here is a preview of Peter's weekend.


I know that the Zone Reps were wanting you to install it yourself and from what I saw you certainly can. But in that heat it's difficult for anyone. You were doing well on your own but I had to insist that you were provide another set of hands. Dave was eager to assist and now you can save for 33's without having to worry about purchasing a lift.


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