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Death Wobble:
Once again this year, I have Saturday and Sunday folders.  It's hard to take pictures & work at the same time, but if you take a reallllllly long lunch break, you can get a few hundred!  ;) 

If you wheeled the obstacle course between 1 and 3 Sunday, you *might* be in here...
***If you look reeeeeal close, you can spot me riding shotgun!  Yee ha!  8) 

(To the guy in the green TJ):  I hope the video that I took on your camera turned out well!



great pics!!!! this may be a silly question but how do you save them :-\

Death Wobble:

--- Quote from: Sterner09 on July 19, 2010, 07:31:31 pm ---great pics!!!! this may be a silly question but how do you save them :-\

--- End quote ---

If you mean that you want one of mine, you probably just right-click and "save picture as".
If you mean how to get them on Photobucket, you need to open an account and transfer from your digital camera or its uploading page.

man I hate it when Photobucket geeks out...I got to see a few of them before it decided to kick me off. I'll check back later and see if it's working again...but I've enjoyed em so far.

sometimes would let me save as, and others it wouldnt even take the right click, but i just had to refresh a couple times for it to give me the save as option. it was weird.


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