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Thanks to All !!
« on: July 19, 2010, 03:24:55 pm »
Rick - Thanks for all the hard work you do all year long to put on the Best Jeep Show in the USA! A lot of people don't understand the amount of work you actually do!

Obstacle Course Volunteers - Thanks so much for many hours of hard work out on the course. I am sure lots of people who played on the course this weekend are very appreciative of you all as well! Maybe next year we can purchase those little umbrellas that fit on your hats to provide shade for you  ;D LOL

Wayne - Thanks for your wonderful announcements your voice has become the voice of PA Jeeps except when you gush all over yourself....LOL

Registration and Parking Peeps - With out you all people we would not have a show field. Everything seemed like there were no real issues and I didn't get people coming up to say they had any problems in this area.

PA Jeeps Booth Peeps- Thanks so much! I can't thank you all enough for how well our area ran. Everyone communicated well and worked hard selling tickets and T-shirts! The past two years is the smoothest the club booth has ever ran!

All in all it was a great event and a lot of hard working people helped make this show work. I have my list of volunteers and you all will be receiving a invitation by mail for the Jeep Show Appreciation Banquet in September. It is by invite only so if you did not sign my book and you were there you need to contact me by phone or email.

and again

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