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I was told there is on site camping, are tents aloud? Or is it campers only? And how much does it cost?

Yes there is camping available on-site. It's a Jeep event, it has to have camping available to complete the weekend.

The Fairgrounds can fit many sites. Most of them are adjacent to the Carlisle Ave. entrance.
If you are going "primitive" tenting we ask that you utilize the grass area that runs along Calisle Ave. by the cast iron fencing.
The sites are on a first-come / first-serve basis and all fees must go through the administration office of the Fairgrounds.

Tent Only = $19.00 night
Electric Only = $23.00 night
Electric/Water = $26.00 night
Electric/Water/Sewer = $30.00 night

Alright thanks Rick.


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