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Within our monthly newsletter was a notice to the membership volunteering to work the Jeep Show to place their order for staff shirts.
I am needing to have this order submitted by April 15th and your help is greatly appreciated.
These shirts are done by an individual on the side to keep our costs down so he has asked for ample time to complete our order.

~ HERE’S WHAT YOU MUST DO! ~[/b][/size]     
Send an email to and place (Event Shirt) in the subject line.
Include complete names, sizes of shirts, and weather you will be working one day, or both days of the event. I will confirm your order upon a membership roster check.

Yes, if your spouse, significant other or teenage children will be working please include them. Children under age twelve I ask that you refrain from including. We have to provide enough shirts and stay within our allotted budget of $1,000.00 which places out total shirt count around 160. NO, kids sizes will not be ordered.

April 15th is the DEADLINE period. At that point I will have to complete the order based on past years orders.
Our Staff Shirts have been ordered. Thank you EVERYONE for providing your individual sizes.[/color]


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