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Trail Difficulty Ratings


I get questions each month of how difficult the trails are. Here are how trails are rated. I hope this helps some.

Very easy, scenic trail. Mostly flat some pot holes and mud. Any stock vehicle can
travel on it with no problems.

Some obstacles, rocks, ruts, off camber, hills and mud. You can expect to occasionally
hear your undercarriage scrape. Picking your line becomes more crucial, knowing where   
to place your tires for maximum traction helps to overcome obstacles. Vehicle modifications
such as larger tires, skid plates and a mild lift are recommended. Although driver skills and
experience will serve you better than vehicle modifications.

Big rocks, deep ruts, extreme hill climbs and deep mud holes. You will hear
scrapes, bangs and rubs. Skid shields are a must as well as minimum of 33 inch
tires and at least one locker. A winch is recemended. A working knowledge
of your vehicle and knowing how to do trail fixes is a must. These trails are not
recommended for those just getting into the sport.

Unless you have a rock buggy forget it!


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