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April Meeting

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Aprils meeting starts the Friday socials.

So Friday April 9 at 6.

Bring something to grill and/or something to share with the group. The club will provide drinks, cups, plates and plasic ware.
We also have the grill for grilling.

After this meeting we will all be going out for the club sponsored bowling night. 

Death Wobble:
FYI:  The temperature at meeting time tomorrow in York is supposed to be in the low 50s, and by the time bowling is over it's going to drop into the low 40s.  Sooo, dress accordingly!

Are we still holding the meeting outdoors?

Bowling afterwards? Sounds like fun!  ;D

Death Wobble:
Well, bowling night was awesome!  Thanks to Jenn and the club for making it happen and for all those who were only there in spirit!  You wouldn't know that I used to bowl in leagues  by the way I played, but it was all just for fun tonight. 
Numerous pics to follow tomorrow.  ( IS tomorrow)!   :o  Right, then--after I get some sleep. 

Had a blast last night... good friends and good times!  ;D
Don't know how my game improved when they turned off the lights...  ::)


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