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UFWDA Announces The Power of ONE Campaign!

ONE United Voice
ONE Purpose
The Power of ONE can make a difference!

United Four Wheel Drive Associations began 34 years ago to be ONE voice for all four wheel drive enthusiasts. Over the past 3 decades weve experienced many types of obstacles in the trail, some more difficult than others. Weve learned how to drive better, and more importantly how to listen to our spotters, those with more experience or more familiarity. As we continue our journey in 2010 were reminded of our roots and why UFWDA was formed to be a unified voice for clubs and associations worldwide. It is not possible to be successful without the power of ONE. Each ONE of you makes up the ONE United Four Wheel Drive Associations, whether it is you, ONE association; you, ONE club; or you, ONE individual. There is ONE national organization that works for ONE purpose, the purpose of working together united as ONE to make a difference for the ONE group of enthusiasts, the 4x4 community.

Each month in 2010 we will offer a new challenge and a new survey to get a better understanding of what we can do to be your unified voice and to demonstrate how ONE person can make a difference when joined together with others. The list is below and we encourage you to read eNews each month to keep up to date on the campaign. You can sign up for eNews at .

February - Tell us about ONE thing you did to volunteer - Let us know what you did in 2009 to contribute to your community whether that was volunteering to drive someone to the doctor in the snow, participating in the emergency vehicle program, a trail clean up, or your club raising funds for charity. Let us know what you did to make a difference in 2009. Well join your success stories into a unified message to lobby Congress and other policy makers.
March - ONE Dollar - To demonstrate the power of one person we are asking every four wheel drive enthusiast to donate just $1 to UFWDA and to forward the message to just one other person. Each one of us working together can make a difference!
April - ONE hour of clean-up - Spend one hour in the month on a clean up with either your club or association or with your family. We encourage you to contact your local media outlet and let them know what your club or association is doing to help in Earth Day and to demonstrate who that we are the true environmental stewards of this earth. UFWDA offers educations material to help you plan and carry out your volunteerism as well as help you work with the media to get the word out.
May - Asking ONE person to join your local club
Help us promote your local club by asking one person to join your club or association. If everyone asks just one person to join you can double your club membership in one month!
June - Attend ONE meeting Attend either the UFWDA AGM or your local club or association annual, quarterly, or monthly meeting.
We encourage everyone to attend a meeting and find out what is happening in your area. Meetings are a great way to get informed about the next four wheel drive outing, the skinny on the latest and best vehicle modifications, and a place to get to know people who share the same passion for four wheeling.
July - ONE letter to your government representative -
There are over 4 million off road enthusiasts in the US alone. If we all sent a letter the impact we can have on legislation is unparalleled. Information on how to find your government officials and how to introduce yourself will be available on the UFWDA website.
August - Attend ONE Trail Ride Event -
Get out there and have fun to remember why we all love this sport so much! Never wheel alone! Doing this sport together is one of the hallmarks of responsible four wheeling. Check our website and forum calendar of events for a trail ride near you or join us at the 3rd annual UFWDA Wheel-in in West Virginia.
September - Attend ONE educational seminar- Find out how to administer CPR, find out proper winch usage, or attend a seminar on land use issues. Use this month to learn something you never know about wheeling and our community. Clubs in your local area, your state or regional four wheel drive association or UFWDA can help you find something fun and educational.
October - Attend ONE clean up- October is the United Four Wheel Drive Associations National Clean up day. Take the time to organize a clean up in your area. Helpful hints and ideas are available at UFWDA to help you, whether its your 20th annual clean-up or youre first!
November - Shop from ONE 4x4 businesses that supports the sport. - It is time for Christmas shopping and what better way to support your sport than by shopping the 4x4 businesses that support you, the enthusiast. UFWDA has a complete list and rating of 4x4 businesses that give back to the four wheel drive community.
December - Give ONE gift to those in need Within the Four Wheel Drive Community are some of the most caring and generous people. Let us take this time to reflect on all that we have and give to those less fortunate.

For all of the latest information each month on the ONE campaign visit our forums at . To participate in the survey for the month of February follow this link to participate . The survey link will be up until March 10th.

Be well,

Richard Drechsel
Director of Environmental Affairs
14525 SW Millikan Way
Beaverton, OR 97005-2343
email: landuse @ (no spaces)
Helping folks organize their stuff, so they can enjoy their time outside more.
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