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Scott Gibson:
I just mounted a new set of 37" Swampers and was worried I wouldn't get  them to balance.  I remember seeing something on this forum about the Dynabeads so I ordered 5 bags of the larger ones that you just lay inside when mounting.  They are very easy to install,balance better than lead weights,and you don't have to worry about knocking any of the weights off when wheelin. They are awesome and I will use them to balance everything in the future.

shouldve gone with them, i just had my boggers balanced,      the weights look like a silver trim ring there are that many of them.   seen them at kw2j yesterday. if they can balance 37's they should do mine fine.

Where did you buy the dynabeads?

Scott Gibson:
I ordered them online at  They have tire charts on there that tells you what you need per tire size.  I put 10oz in each tire like the chart said and they are as smooth as can be.

Thanks Scott..


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