Author Topic: BF Goodrich Mud Terrain Tires  (Read 5428 times)


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BF Goodrich Mud Terrain Tires
« on: February 21, 2010, 10:57:58 am »
Five years ago, I had a set of BFG KM Mud Terrains installed, 33x10.50's to be exact. These tires took me through everything and handled some major abuse. I can't say enough about the traction and toughness. They had cuts and scape's but never cut through to lose any air. I put over 40,000 miles on them and they still had fair tread on them when I upgraded to 35's, great wear properties.

Bad News: It's getting difficult to find these tires since they have been all but discontinued.

Good News: The KM's have been replaced by BFG with the KM2's. I'm running this tire now, so far the traction is as equal or better than the former. These tires are not quiet but then they don't have to be. I understand BFG uses a slightly softer compound on these tires but it's going to be a while before I can get a wear factor on them.

Off road traction on any BFG Mud Terrain is going to be great, on road they are very good too. If you like the hum of an aggressive tire you're going like these.

I loved the KM's and I'm feeling the same way about the new KM2's. I would recommend these tires to everyone.
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