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PA Jeeps Trail Policy and Requirements
« on: December 08, 2009, 03:48:27 pm »

The following Trail Policy is adopted by the members of PA Jeeps for the protection of the
members, the environment, our vehicles and the safety of all. The Club intends to travel a
diverse selection of trails; therefore the difficulty of the terrain traveled cannot be determined in advance.
The possibility of damage to your vehicle exists when traveling rough terrain, please make your
trail choice carefully.
Non-members are welcome to join us for one green/blue trail ride before deciding to become a member. (belonging to this forum does not make you a member of the PA JEEPS CLUB)

The following Policy is intended to better prepare the members for this activity.

 1. Vehicles must be equipped with a fully operational four (4) wheel drive system, with low range.
 2. Vehicles must be in good condition, with good tires, steering and brakes.
     For more indepth article please click this link:
 3. Front and rear tow points are required and must be
    properly mounted.
 4. A heavy duty recovery strap with looped ends (no hooks) should be in good
 5. A matching full size spare tire that must be in good condition, a lug wrench and a
    jack capable of lifting the vehicle off the ground.
 6. Seat belts for all occupants. Seatbelts must be worn at all times.
 7. Battery tie downs (no bungee cords, zip ties, duct tape or ratchet straps.)
 8. Pair of leather work gloves.
 9. Flashlight.
10. First Aid Kit.
11. A fire extinguisher that is accessible in an emergency.

 1. CB Radio.
 2. Winch, snatch block & shackles.
 3. Trash Bags
 4. A basic tool kit should be maintained to implement field repairs, with tools and
     spare parts as needed (i.e. belts, bolts, hoses, etc.)
 5. Air pressure gauge
 6. Food & water for trail ride day.
 7. Clothing appropriate for terrain and weather. (rain gear, snow gear, etc..)
 8. Insect repellent.
 9. Medications
10. Toilet paper and paper towels.
11. Jumper Cables.
12. Foldable shovel.
13. Sun Block
14. Tire Repair kit.


1. The Club has adopted the rules of "TREAD LIGHTLY" and shall obey them at all
     T ravel only where motorized vehicles are permitted. Never blaze your own trail.
     R espect the rights of hikers, skiers, campers, and others to enjoy their activities
     E ducate yourself by obtaining travel maps and regulations from public agencies,
                  complying with signs and barriers and asking owner’s permission to cross
                   private property.
     A void streams, lakeshores, meadows, muddy roads and trails, steep hillsides,
                  wildlife and livestock.
     D rive responsible to protect the environment and preserve opportunities to enjoy
                  your vehicle on wild lands.

2. The Trail Guide (or appointed alternate) is in complete control of the activities or
    actions of the participants. It is the responsibility of all drivers to attend the
    driver’s meeting prior to the ride to discuss any directions or rules.
3. Our trail rides are for all levels of drivers, so please be mindful of others with less experience
    and help them to learn more with each trail ride.
4. The consumption of alcohol is prohibited on PA Jeeps hosted
     trail rides.
5. No person may be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any substance that may
    hinder thinking ability or reaction time.
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