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Hey everyone!!! I hope everyone had a blast at the jeep show again this year!!! It was great!  Im glad I got to see everyone and catch up with alot of people, I know I only get to see you all about once a year, but it is always a good time!!! And being able to sit around the camp fire drinking until im ready to call it quits....thats fun too!!! I cant wait for next years already!! I have provided a website that everyone should be able to see pics that i posted from the jeep show.  If you cannot get into the website let me know, maybe I can move the pics or post them another way?? I have more where these came from, but these are the only ones I could getup right now.  Like I said the Show was GREAT!!! I hope everyone enjoyed!! Cant wait to see you all again! If you are ever curious or just want to catch up email me

Checked 'em out. Great pics! Thanks! I had a good time too.

Death Wobble:
Nice aerial photos!  Were you standing on a truck to get them?

The bucket truck was used.....BUT, we're NOT privy to those.....Not good enough I guess.....C'mon Ron, straighten that young man out.
Thanks for the photos....

Death Wobble:
Maybe we can get Bob to commandeer the fire station's ladder truck for next year?  ;D


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