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Jenn Tames the Big Rock Pile

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Here are my pictures from this weekend with some good shots of Jenn all over those big rocks! Nicely done. I had a great weekend at my first Jeep Show. I was very impressed and will definitely be back next year! I never did get out on the obstacle course though... next year for sure!

(Tattoo) Jack:

   Nice pictures of Jenn, but WHY did ya have ta get one of my rear ???

Yes, I happened to be in the right there when Jenn finally decided to go for it.

Um... your rear looks good going over big rocks. I think I got a shot of your other side as well.  :)

Thanks Colli for the pictures.......good thing there were no stumps I probably would have gotten stuck.LOL

Nicely done Jenn! ;D


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