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PA Jeeps 14th Annual
All Breeds Jeep Show
July 18 & 19, 2009
Registration Form & Information Link:[/size]

Ammendment Just Received: Fairgrounds Camping Rates
No Hook-ups = $17.00/Night
Electric Only = $21.00/Night
Electric/Water = $24.00/Night
Electric/Water/Sewer = $27.00/Night

this may sound stupid(Ive never been)but do you have a place set up where you sell used parts?If a guy or gal had sumthin to sell,can he here?Thanks

Yes, there is a place of what you speek,,, The swap meet is a real good one. Lots of good parts, good deals too.


You will need to download/print/mail a registration form to do so. You'll find that link on the "Home Page" of this website.
The packet you open there contains eight pages of information. You ONLY need the Vendor-Swap/Meet Form page.
Mail it with your registration fee to the address listed on that page.

This event gathers a VERY LARGE swap/meet section.

Im sure there is a place to park a tow rig and trailer?If I decide to bring stuff to sell I wont be able to fit it in my heep,besides,Id feel a little better if I got my ball joints replaced before I drove it that far(about 4-5 hrs one way)Im tryin to get a few of our guys to go,just a long way drivin in a heep, they may tow too.Thanks for the info...either way Ill have my form mailed soon...


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