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Vendor Help?


First of all I attended my first York Jeep show last weekend and it was great!  It was a heck of a drive from where I live (Brockville Ontario) but it was worth it.

Now for a little help.  There was a vendor set up amidst the row of vendors, between the place selling novelty shift knobs and the place with the blue "Daewoo" tent.  It was selling SYEs kits for $200 and I want to get in touch with them.  Does anyone know which vendor I'm describing.  They had two small white tents backed by a medium sized white trailer.

Any help would be appreciated.

And again thanks for the great show, I'll try to get a bunch of guys from my area to come down next year (next time I'll stay for a couple of days).

that could have been A to Z fabrication I just checked the web and there 209.95 and they were in that area.

NO, that booth would be Randy Wood (owner) Adventurous 4x4

Adventurous 4x4
11325 Youngstown Drive
Hagerstown, MD. 21742

However, I see that A to Z Fabrication has what you are looking for advertised at the price jeepergrohm quoted
Link below:


That's what I love about Jeeps, everyone helps each other out.

Thanks all.


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