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A real special thanks!
« on: July 21, 2008, 11:13:05 pm »
Yes, it was really hot.
Yes, we had a near disastrous ride down with a leaking front tranny seal, an accident (no injuries), and real high temps.

OMGosh did we have fun, though!!  We had a great time!

PA Jeeps is a great club hosting a great show!
Hi Claire (sp?), next time you need a trail in New England, you know where to find me!
Hi Jersey Girl with FSJ Wagoneer and round headlights and Jersey Girl with 92 XJ!

I was psyched to see a few new friends and make more new friends in the All Things Jeep tent. 

A real pleasure to meet Rusty from Rusty's and see the guys from Low Range and Carla (and her hubby) and Marty from United Four Wheel Drive again.

A special pleasure for me to meet many customers I've shipped to and say thank you back and forth.

I am DEFINITELY coming again next year for the 14 th annual, BUT I'M BRINGING MY JEEP!

All the Jeep kids rock!  "Hi five!"


PS:  Got American Jeep Rally?  Somers, CT in September.  Support land use and local emergency crews! ;D