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New Rule for new users and old

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M + M Jeep:
Because of the comments posted by users recently, in thirty days from today (August 20) your real name will have to appear in either your screenname (for New Users)or in your post signature.  This is also being done because of the huge amount of spam requests we get every day for forum approval.
The United Four Wheel Drive Associations Forum has required from their beginings that you could only use your real name as a screenname.  Unfortunately that horse has already left the barn, and we can't go back. 

Example: Jane_Doe or even Jane_Doe88YJ is ok.  If you already have a sceenname then your post signature or personal text (ex. mine to the left says PA Jeeps-President which is my personal text and my post signature is Wayne Fish) will have to contain your real name. If it's not done by the deadline your screenname will be deleted.  You will then have to re-register on the forum and start over.  If I find out that you used a fictious name you will be banned.  If you think this violates your right to anonymity, well, you would be right.   Wayne

Thanks Wayne!

This is a really smart move. It will benefit everyone.

Mike Hardesty aka: "chasm"

Done!  :)

in compliance (ahead of schedule for once!)  Never been one to type something that I wouldn't say to someone's face.

I'm in!

 Charlie "The Tuna" Stevens

A note for the name callers and chastisers on PM's. If you have nothing useful, helpful or nice to type, then don't.

If you are seriously offended by someone on any part of this forum, a copy of the post or PM should be forwarded to Wayne or myself.



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