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Thank you PA Jeeps.

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K Riccardi:
I just wanted to thank the PA Jeep members and staff for putting on another great show this year.  Is it too early to register for next year? ;D

X2.  You guys did a great job putting the show together, we'll be there again next year.

I worked Saturday parking the Jeeps until about noon, and then walked around, enjoyed the obstacle course, then hit the RTI ramp, bought some stuff, and left. I thought it was really cool and enjoyed it a lot. I do agree, it was smoking hot, but it's summer. If you can't handle a little sun, then stay at home. Will definitely be coming back next year.

BTW, I had to work today so I didn't go to the show. Will they post who won raffles and trophys online?

I'm afraid the weather was my fault, I had prayed for two sunny days and I got them. However, in my prayers I did not specify to God the exact temperature. Once again, you have my apologies.

As far as the other opportunities, please feel free to make suggestions to Rick, Wayne and myself. Email us, PA Jeeps members attend the club meetings with your suggestions. We really do try to put on a good event.

Charlie Stevens
VP PA Jeeps.


WOW.......maybe some of you were not attending the same show I was at.  I could not have asked for a better weekend!  (OK, maybe it could have been a bit cooler, so Charlie please be more specific with your prayers)  The staff/club members from the PA Jeeps Club were awesome and very helpful from the first time I contacted them about booth space. 

While at the show, I was able to talk to all types of Jeep enthusiasts, from all over.  One family attending had an exchange student from Italy.  She wanted to experience something "American".  The Jeep show was perfect!  She was even able to take a spin around the obstacle course. (because we know what jeeper would turn down the chance to take a pretty girl for a ride in his jeep, Thanks Mike from Adams Jeep)

I was there with “Operation Red Dragon” and the support we have been receiving from the Jeep community is simply amazing.  I had no idea what to expect, and I can’t put into words all the emotions I am feeling from it all. 

The climbing wall was lots of fun (ask any of the kids there) but a bear to pack up.  Again, some of the PA Jeeps staff members were right there to help. 
In my opinion, the show was a huge success and the PA Jeeps Club should be proud of it’s staff/club members. 

So, THANK YOU Pa Jeeps for the great weekend.
Sue Adams


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